Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Small Plans

While we are saving up for some bigger small house projects, we have a few things on the list that are inexpensive and/or free to tackle. Stuff like removing wallpaper from the stairs and the bathroom, painting the front door and cute window frames and creating fun pillows are some things that are getting done around her on the cheap. 

Projects done + not much money + crossing things off the list = Yay!

Another task coming our way is in the basement. 

Remember this? After just a few days of owning the small house, we filled up the lower level with junk treasure.

See the bricks there? That is a fireplace.

(See that blue port-a-crib? That is where Jett slept while he and his mom visited while we were moving. We are such gracious hosts, right?)

See all that other stuff? Junk.

Want to play I Spy? 

I spy a Christmas tree, 2 chairs and a window frame.

That was fun.

But back to the bricks.

That fireplace in the corner there was built by Hero's dad. It has a gas insert that wouldn't take too much finagling to get it up and running - according to Hero. 

It was made with leftover bricks from when the garage was installed. Isn't that thrifty? That is just like Hero's parents. And it really is kind of fun.

But there are a few things that could be better with it:

1 - It's in the corner. We had a corner fireplace in the big house, and it does make it challenging to arrange furniture. It's actually more than challenging - It is a pain in the neck.

2 - The bricks are great - really. I am just not in love with the color.

3. Not sure why the panel above is a different color.

We have some plans for this baby:

1 - It is going to have to stay in the corner - No getting around that without a MAJOR project on our hands. So we will get out the heating pad for the neck pain and deal with it.

2 - Paint.

3 - More paint.

And add some molding. And install the flat screen TV. And purchase an insert to make it functional.

Here are things at the moment - After much editing:

Lots of potential here. One thing for sure - this project could not go forward if we had not reduced the amount of stuff (not that we intended to keep it all). But excess stuff does have a way of keeping people from going forward with plans to improve their homes. 

The big clean out always feels SOOOO good! But - there is a super great way to maintain that good feeling - by not buying a bunch more stuff, by editing out often the things not being used or loved and getting things back where they belong. Then that good feeling lasts and lasts.

And editing out is free! 

Try it - start with a small plan. Clean out one kitchen drawer, take at least 5 movies nobody loves anymore to the library, or donate at least 2 pairs of shoes that just don't work for you anymore. Once you take one step, you can take another. 

All those small steps feel really good, too.


  1. Hey! Thanks for this post, I remember coming across your posts on facebook but haven't sat down and read your blog. But I've loved reading some of the posts today! I'm so ready to edit my house! We moved into our home in Wichita and it is slightly smaller but NO storage space. SO we've been on junk overload since we moved! I'm ready to get rid or it all today, thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. btw travelingmom is Angela McFadden. :) I'm looking forward to getting some more inspiration from your blog!

  3. Hey Angela! So glad to hear from you! Thanks for reading and for the comments. It feels good to get rid of the excess, doesn't it?