Wednesday, January 14, 2015

cool old door

Have you ever tried really hard to make something work in your home and it just will not?

Yeah, me, too.

Hero found a great old door in the trash and dragged it home for a project he thought he was going to do, but it did not quite work out. I was like - Yay - That door is mine!

When we moved to the small house, we knew we would have to be way more selective with what came into and stayed here. When we get a crazy idea for something, we have to be willing to let it go if just won't happen - There is not room for stuff we don't love or isn't super functional.

And honestly, there should not be room in our lives for stuff we don't love or isn't working for us. Take a look around - Get rid of the stuff that is just not speaking to you!

Here it is.

Granted, it does not look like much here, I know. But I had visions.

And besides, look at this really great detail! That handle plate is dreamy....

This natural cracking of paint - Love it!

I had some thoughts on what to use this treasure for -

King size distressed 80 - 130+ yr old door headboards

My first thought was a headboard. We don't have one on our bed and I thought this would be perfect. But our bed hangs out under a window, and that is no place for a hunking solid door. Totally did not work at all.


This is pretty much the same style of door as mine, and I love chalkboards for sure, but we have absolutely have no space for this. Great use though!

from curb side door to first impression art piece, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, The door Now what I refer to as out Hallway Mantle

And although this is not the same door at all, I figured I could do something similar-ish. But again - Where the heck would we put this?!

Sadly, the door didn't make it long at our house. It's okay though. Some things are a huge hit, and some are just a big, fat miss, no matter how much we want them to be otherwise. Playing around can be fun, but when something just will not work, no amount of hoping and wishing is going to make it work. Time to move on.

I did find a good home for it - someone who sees the potential in it and maybe can give it the loving it needs.

And maybe I can visit it.

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