Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Happened To All the Stuff?

When we moved from the big house to the small house, we knew we would have to edit some of our stuff out. 

And that is a serious understatement.

Think about it - Going from a 2100 square foot fully furnished and accessorized space to an 1100 square foot tinier space, something had to go. In this case, lots of somethings had to go.

Before we moved, we pulled out a bunch of stuff that we knew we did not want to haul over to the new house and donated it. We had grand ideas when we did move that we would have lots of treasures to choose from when it came to decorating.

It did not take long to realize there was a TON of treasures that were no longer treasure to us.
And then we had a grand idea to have a garage sale with all the leftovers.

Um, and when would we do that?

Between updating the new house, traveling to Idaho and Minnesota and the regular work, family and church responsibilities, it became very clear very quickly that a garage sale was not in our near future.

Which we were not too horribly sad about. We would just put it all back in the house.


We called Vietnam Veterans of America to come and get it. They are so great! Just schedule a pickup online, put the junk treasure out on the driveway and say goodbye. They load it all up and leave you with a receipt and a Thank You.

No, Thank You VVA!

We were pretty ruthless when it came to cleaning out. We really had no choice if we were going to have any walking around room in the small house. But we were ready for that challenge.

Feels good to have this clutter (to us) on its way to a new home.

Do you ever feel the need to edit? 

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  1. ALL THE TIME. Family of four, 900 sq. feet. No basement. No garage. Enough said.