Saturday, March 12, 2016

where we are now

 Hi there!

We have been painting and painting and painting over one of the worst colors to paint an entire house. White is one of my favorite colors to use in decorating, but I'm telling you, white never looked so good. 

I'll post some before and after photos soon.

I thought I would start with what's happening in the kitchen. Who doesn't love a good kitchen renovation?

Let's look at where we started:

Oh yeah.

Are you loving that light? Among other things?

It can be hard to tell, but these cabinets and counter are just so not good. They have lived a good long life and it's time for them to go the way of all the earth.

So go they went. 

Demo is one of the really fun parts of any job - All the excitement you are feeling about a project gets converted into energy to rip things out and smash them to pieces. Of course, the next day all the muscles you don't normally use on a regular basis are really upset with you, but in the moment, run with the power.

Looking better already.

Patching is next. We wanted to start fresh with nice smooth walls so we could install everything the way it should be, not necessarily the way it was.

And, Snap! The walls are white! And smooth.

If only all home improvement projects were so speedy.

Starting in the corner on the uppers, Hero and crew (Elder Slack and Elder Bennett, the missionaries serving in our ward. They get to help out people as part of their responsibilities) got this part of the project done in about a half a day.

They so totally rock.

Elder Slack is about the right height to be an excellent support during the install.

Doors next. 

And admiring their work. As they should, things are looking awesome.


What a difference already.

Installing and wiring the hood vent. This house will come with all the kitchen appliances included. 

Cutting out the lower cabinet to fit around the plumbing.

(Side note - Hero loves that saw.)

Another step back to take a look. 

From the living room.

See that all the walls are white? How about that.

Of course we have a joke that Hero cannot use that tool he is holding very effectively - It's a stud finder. He sets it off all the time. :)

Anyway, getting those cabinets securely mounted and level is how we roll.

This is really looking good!

Whoa - What a difference!

That is the counter top laying across the lower cabinets. It is really a great look with this color cabinets.

One more before:

And during:

So clean and fresh - it's really coming along. 

Next for the kitchen, counter top and sink installed, new floor, new lighting, finish up the painting, get the appliances installed.

All kinds of good things.

Next time I'll share what else is happening in the house.
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