Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Um, here I am

Oh. My. Goodness.

Really, I am that blogger.

I have about a million things going on (like everyone), but the thing that falls to the bottom of the list is my little blog.

I have nothing to say, except dang.

As I bounce around the internet, I am loving all the Christmas posts on decorating, treats, gift ideas, ways to celebrate, yummy foods, advent calendars and so much more. 

I do not have that kind of post today. And I may not have that kind of post at all this Christmas.

Dang again.

If you needed to know that you are not the only one who does not have it all together at Christmas time (or anytime, really) trust me when I tell you I am all over not having it all together. 

But I have gotten really good at 'enough'. Enough really is enough.

 How cute are these cookies? 

They represent several fun hours goofing around with my daughter and grandson. We giggled and made some terrific memories. We ate way too much sugar and I even tried to feel bad about it, but I didn't.

I really do not like the idea of stressing out over perfection. I am so happy with enough, especially when enough comes with a great experience.

We named the yellow ginger bread girl "Macaroni and Cheese Girl" and the friend on the right "Ugly Fred" (even though I think he is super cute with his green jimmie pants).

Have a Merry Week Before Christmas.

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