Wednesday, October 22, 2014

plate windows


Cannot even believe it is almost Halloween. This will be the first year in 25 years that we don't have a trick-or-treater. (Liam isn't going out this year.) 

So strange.

We do have a Halloween party to go to this weekend at church. Not sure if I am going to pull out a costume or not. I am excited about getting candy though.

Speaking of dressing up,  I worked on a little project recently sprucing up one of our previous fun projects:

These awesome window plate racks:

I love these. Hero rigged them up to safely hold platters out of the way (out of the cupboard) and to give this blank wall some character. 

Win - win.

A few months ago, I found these yard sticks in the attic at my mom's house. I love the printing on them. I wanted to use them in a somewhat functional way, but it took a little thinking to figure out what the heck to do with them. After walking around the house with them and asking for suggestions, I was ready to get to work.

She had three good ones and one broken one.

And Hero had one hanging out in the garage.

I just cut an end off each one to make them fit. I measured the length right on there. How handy!

(Note - Hero got a few things out for me, but I actually did all the work on this project. Yes, I used the table saw.)

I did save those little ends - They are so dang cute.

Once they were cut, I just glued and clamped them right to the braces that were already there. 

I love the chunkier look and bringing in the warm wood tones.

And the character. I love it!

This was so easy, I didn't even take the plates down.

Demonstrating the proper way to level. Lean way back and eyeball it.

Not my feet.

And not sure why Hero was in on this project. Maybe taking the clamps off. He does nice things like that.

So cool, I love the contrast.

This one has measurement marks on it. I like thinking that this was really useful to someone.

I love re-purposing things.


And After:

Gives it a whole new feel, doesn't it? 

Any projects going on over at your place?

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