Friday, February 19, 2016

oh boy

Well, hi!

Here is what I can say -

The holidays were super busy.
Seminary is kicking my butt.
We haven't really done much around the small house.

Most of the above are excuses. 

But we really have not done much around the small house.

I really have no good reason to ditch the blog for almost three months though. 

You know how when you put something off for a while and then it gets to be an awkward situation? Sorry for the awkwardness.

Can we put that behind us?

We have done one or two little things for the small house, and I will get those posted at some point. But today I have a feature!

I am really excited to share this house that Hero and I have been working on pretty much every weekend since Christmas.

Our good friends Stephanie and Larry moved from Michigan about 10 years ago and were not able to sell their home here due to the really icky housing market at the time. They have been renting it through a manager and have not been back until recently as they are ready to sell it in this much better market. The last of the renters have moved out and they are ready to roll. But they were having some twitchy feelings about how things were going and found out the person they were trusting was kind of taking advantage of them. When the showed up a few months ago to check on things, they were far from happy.

The kitchen had it's own special issues - Lighting, cabinets, counters, peeling floor. 

And the entire house was painted with some kind of paint color that it's only redeeming quality was that it was probably free. What the heck is this color?

The manager did have new carpet installed, which is good.

Upstairs bathroom - A little dated and the wallpaper must go.

See what I mean about every single thing being painted this color? 

Walls, a few ceilings even!, doors, trim, closets, hand rails.

I'm all about keeping things simple. Using one color throughout the house can be a great way to keep things flowing and soothing.

But not this color. Really.


Our friends asked us to take over - manage the house, do any of the work we wanted to take on, work with a new realtor that they hired and to be the eyes and ears for them.

Hero and I just cannot turn down a good renovation project.

This home is in great condition structurally - No plumbing, electrical, heating, roof issues to speak of. This place just needs some loving.

And we are all over that.

Here is what we have planned:

Tear out the old kitchen.
Install a new kitchen, including cabinets, counter, sink, faucet, lighting and appliances.
Paint every wall, ceiling, closet, trim, door, hand rail.
Replace both bathroom vanities and sinks.
Strip wallpaper in the bathroom.
Have the kitchen floor installed.
A few other odds and ends.

This place is going to be terrific - Watch for updates on this home!
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