Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Um, This Is Not Working

Our small house has lots of brown. And beige. And tan. 

Nothing wrong with these colors. Just not the direction Hero and I want to go with this place.

We are loving the gray with white trim. And while we have been able to make some headway on the inside, the exterior is going to have to wait till next spring.

But, we just could not handle the beige front door that swings into the hallway and really, really clashes with our sweet, clean gray.

So, it had to go.

As usual, I remembered to capture the "before" photo after I started.

See that lovely trim? Yep, it needs some freshening up, too.

After the trim around the window was dry, I could really make some progress on the door.

I painted all these parts with a brush first. Nice look, huh? 

Do you ever feel in the middle of a project that things are just not going the direction you envisioned? At this point, I was doubting a successful outcome.

Note to self - Avoid this combination in future plans. I don't love it.

But because I bought the paint and I can be a little stubborn, I pressed on.

There we go - Much better!

I used a mini roller for every flat surface I could and it came out nice and smooth.

This works so much better with our plan and it looks terrific with the interior color.

Here it is from the outside. It will eventually work just swimmingly with the tan brick.

Just as soon as we get rid of that brown storm door.

And the beige trim.

Love it - What a difference!



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