Wednesday, April 16, 2014

things are growing here

First, thank you for your great comments and compliments! I love to hear that you read our little blog. 

Lots of you are asking what we have going on next. Here are a few things on the list coming up:

Getting a new fridge. (Yep.)
Painting and perking up the basement bath. (We do have a half bath down there.)
Maybe doing a bit more cosmetic work in the blue bathroom. (Grout and vanity, I'm looking at you.)
Having a garage sale, which means some more purging. (Alex and I are doing this together. Otherwise I would just donate everything that needs a new home.)
Food storage area needs some organizing. (It's pretty good now, just some tweaking is in order.)

And the outside.

This is a biggie. I'll let you in on it soon.

But part of the outside plan is expanding our garden. I must tell you that I have nothing to do with this. I kill plants. I want to love them and be their best friend, but I end up forgetting about them for months. 

Not good.

Fortunately, Hero is all over this. He took over my seriously pathetic attempts at trying to grow a few tomatoes last year, and we have all been much happier since. We bought a few plants, dug out an area for planting, plopped them in the ground, watered them, weeded them and harvested them. 

And when I say "we" I mean Hero. Except for the harvesting part. I am happy to walk out my back door and pick fresh vegetables for dinner.

Things progressed this year to a new level - Seeds!

Hero got this awesome 72 spot seed growing kit and spent some time fluffing dirt and planting little tiny seeds. So much hope in a seed!

He planted a few varieties tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, cantaloupe, and something else, I'm sure. He has a little map, kind of like a box of chocolate that comes with a guide of what goes where, to sort things out. Which is good, because when they first sprout, they all look the same.

Some of those seeds are tiny!

And look what happens after just a few days! 

Those big ones are cucumbers, by the way.

This is mine. I found a little greenhouse kit for growing basil at the dollar spot at Target. 

I invested one dollar into the future.

This actually looks pretty good. The first one that sprouted got mold on it and it keeled over after just a few days. Dang it.

Holy cow - Look at that! There is all kinds of action going on now. Lots of things sprouting all over the place.

And a few duds. Dang it.

Even my basil is still living.

It really doesn't look much like basil yet. Or smell like it. But I am optimistic.

If I can keep it alive.

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