Thursday, July 10, 2014

oh, man

July 10.

Tomorrow is our son Colin's graduation party.

This is happening in the season of "everything happening". It's a good season, but, oh man, it doesn't seem to slow down. At all.

I think about posting but I don't have the photos ready. So I put it off another day, which, in this season, turns into a week and a half.


Since the last time I've been here, we have had a million things going on -

I finished that wedding I decorated.

Colin graduated.

(And we are planning his before mentioned party.)

We have gone to a bunch of graduation parties.

I got my hair cut (Yay!)

I've been working on Young Women's camp. Two and a half weeks away!

I got a new church calling - Starting in the fall I will be teaching Seminary, which is an early morning (5:55am!) religious class for high school students. They meet every school day. Needless to say, I am a little overwhelmed, but lots excited. And working like crazy to prepare.

We've had visitors - mostly Lauren, David and cute cute Max.

Father's Day.

Youth Conference.

Tons of yard work - mulch, leveling the back yard, sod, planting 17 little arborvitaes, cutting down a tree, building a tree fort, and everything else that just comes along with yard work.

Hero and I taking a few days with Colin and Liam to go camping and to Michigan Adventure. (Which by the way, we all totally recommend. Nice park, great rides and not super crowded.) The camping was pretty awesome, too, right on Lake Michigan.

4th of July.

Kids needing stuff.

Work. And overtime.

I think this list could keep going, but you get the idea.

I wouldn't trade what I have going on for anything - Although it's a lot, I am happy with loving and taking care of my family and home, serving others and having some play time, too. I am a huge believer in pacing myself, saying no to things that I really need to say no to and focusing on what is most important. But this pace is working at the moment.

Must be the season.

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p.s. I am so going to get those photos in order! You need to see our crazy backyard update and the awesome tree fort Hero built!