Wednesday, April 20, 2016

lower level

I have some photos today!

The house project is coming along swimmingly. We are trying to get a bunch of little things buttoned up to get this baby on the market.

Let me show you the lower level.

Starting with the bathroom.


This photo does not do justice to the color.

And - After:

Now it has a great foundation for adding some personal touches.

Hey - A new window!

And a spunky shower curtain.

It also got a new vanity, sink, faucet, mirror and toilet seat . And a thorough cleaning :)

This is not the exact same room, but I figure it's close enough. They all looked like this. 

Pretty lifeless.

This can be the before picture for all of the rooms.

And after. 

This room is on the lower level (what you walk into when you come down the stairs) and could be used for a family room or office or crafty place. 

It's a really great space.

The door opening leads to a bedroom.

And here is that bedroom after. (See before photo above.)

With a cute closet.

Oh - We replaced all the door handles. Aren't they great?

On to the laundry room.

It's a pretty good size. That space under the (new) window is where the washer and dryer will live. 

See that? This room is pretty well designed to get lots of use out of it.

From the washer/dryer spot looking back out. You can see the bathroom across the hall.

And right past the furnace to the left, there is the access to the crawl space. 

Which is awesome!

This area is huge - There is so much storage space in here!

So that's the lower level. We can pretty much say everything on the lower level list is checked off.

Next I'll show you the upper level.
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