Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Whole Lot of Blue

I have a hard time when I consider my favorite color. I have good feelings about all the colors, even non-colors like white, gray and black. They all have goodness in them.

But if I really, really had to choose, I would choose blue.

Good thing, too, because I have a blue bathroom.

Blue floor.
Blue walls.
Blue tub.
Blue toilet.
Blue sink.
Blue counter.
Blue towel bars, toilet paper holder, soap dish and toothbrush holder. These are all built into the walls.
And blue wall paper.

There is a little bit of accent going on here. Wood molding around the window, door and closet. You cannot tell from the photo, but this molding is nailed right over top of the original (painted) white molding. Can never have too much molding apparently.

The vanity is also stained oak wood color.

And if you count the light fixture, which is bright brass (and oak), we have another accent.

This bathroom is all original, except for the vanity, mirror and light fixture. It was built like a tank, and is actually in decent shape. Just. a. lot. of. blue.

We have future plans to de-blue this room, but it is not in the budget quite yet (kitchen first). But in the meantime, I really could not take it any longer. Something blue had to go.

And that meant the wallpaper. It's free to strip it, and we already have lots of the awesome Bistro White paint we are using throughout the house. 

Hero is pretty great about these kind of projects. I let him know that we are doing something with that bathroom, he questions me about who the "we" are ("Do you have a mouse in your pocket?"), is confident there is no rodent involved and gets all the tools we (he and I) might need.

First up, spray the heck out of that paper. Remember the stair wallpaper removing project?  Really, you cannot over-spray when removing wallpaper. I know there are probably some great products out there specifically for stripping wallpaper, but I have always just used water and it works great. And I already have water.

Good shot of that groovy light. Two bulbs burned out - so nice. And that big hole once housed a medicine cabinet. There is a big hunking mirror in the bathroom now. 

While I am tackling the wallpaper, Hero gets all that molding down, fills holes and preps the closet for a little makeover.

Extra molding removed and wallpaper coming down - looking better already.

Here is a neat-o view of the closet. Trust me when I tell you there was way too much molding going on over here. You can imagine where it was by the exposed drywall.

Did you notice the shelf paper? I edited this photo in the 1970's filter. It totally works. A little too well.

Once the walls are clean, it is so time to paint. White. Not blue.

We found this light fixture at Costco a few months ago for about twenty bucks. Not too bad.

It can be wired to shine up or down. That is quite a feature for only twenty dollars.

We choose down.

Oh, look at that! Less blue!

Those holes right under the window? No need to cover them - We added a row of hooks for hanging towels there. That one blue towel bar is not enough for our family. Bummer, cause I totally love that blue towel bar.

And the closet. All painted white, with new laminate shelves. And easy access. With layers of molding all over the edges, we banged it up pretty quick. Now it is a piece of cake to get stuff in and out of there.

The shower curtain is not blue.

We thought about getting a blue one.

Not really.

I do still like blue a bunch, but this un-blueing was a good idea. 

I want to keep liking blue.

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