Friday, July 29, 2016


Happy Friday!

I have so many updates to share. We've been working on the outside of our house like crazies. We had a graduation party for Liam recently. Nothing like having a party to get the project list moving along.

First, here is the graduate:

What a great young man we have on our hands! It was super fun to celebrate with him. 

To start off things, we got our front landscaping under control. 

Here's where we started when we first moved in:

Lots of not-that-thrilling stuff going on here. Except for the eagles above the garage doors. Those had the most personality out of anything. But not sure we were that personality.

Anyway, pretty bleh.

I pulled out some low growing bushy ground cover stuff, painted the front door and painted some of the rim around the front white to see how that might look. We had a feeling it would be pretty great and it was.

Not even close to what we had in mind. But the outside was not a priority for a while for us.

Hero did the hard work of yanking those big not so attractive, why are they even planted there, bushes out with the truck.

So rewarding hearing those finally break loose.

Nothing there was better than what was there.

We did have some day lilies we adopted from a friend that we planted in the empty space. They help up pretty great and filled things up until we could get back to this project. Nothing to write home about though.

That was a few years ago.

And then we finally got on it!

We cut new curvy borders. We added a stepping stone path. We replanted the day lilies in the middle. Added some ornamental grass along the back. And some box woods up in front. Also sprinkled in a few red impatients to work with our new red front door.

New mulch makes everything look green.

The ornamental grass looks so little in the back, but because they are new transplants this year, they will be littler. But next year they will work better back there.

Love that little bit of curve. A little sass.

We found this stones at Lowe's. We had log slices in there temporarily but they totally did not hold up at all. It was good to try them over the last year to find that out.

Feels so good to have this all worked out.

We spruced up the other side as well. Cut the new border, moved a few day lilies to balance things out, and some more impatients. 

We already have daisies and lavender over here and I think when everything is blooming, it's going to be so great.



Woohoo for finally getting this crossed off the list!

The back yard did not get neglected. We cut new borders along all three sides of the yard under the bushes, filled in more mulch and did some trimming. Liam was a pro at using the hedge trimmer.

See the bushes along the back that we planted two years ago? They are really growing. They should offer some real privacy in about 10 years!
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