Tuesday, July 14, 2015



I can imagine from your point of view that I am kind of a slacker. And you are so right. I'm sorry. I do have a hard time getting to update here. I totally admit that.

And I do not claim to be any busier than anyone else, but, holy cow, I have a lot going on. Let me share:

During the school year, I teach an early morning (meaning 6am) religion class to high school students every school day. It's a lot, but I really love it. (Boy do I have an even greater respect and admiration for full time teachers - they do so much!) And during the summer, that responsibility does not go away - I am reading the next book of study (Old Testament) every day, trying to finish it before school starts. Plus, training classes and reading materials, classroom prep, etc is happening, too. I had no idea how much I would do over the summer for a school year calling. Totally an awesome responsibility.

I am so excited for another project that will be happen in just a few weeks - Young Women's camp. (This is a camp for young women age 12-17 that is a super fun and spiritual 5 days. And very little sleeping happens.) I have been the camp director for the last two years and it is so, so great to serve in this way. I learned so much the first year and am happy to be a part of things again this year. I have been working with three awesome assistants since last winter - lots of delegating going on, but still a bunch of work to do and has been a giant priority since June, when daily Seminary teaching ended :). Camp will be finished up at the end of July - I am looking forward to the fun week.

Lauren, David and Max moved back to Michigan the beginning of June. Yay! - We are thrilled they live just about 45 minutes away. Lauren is not working since they are having a baby girl mid-August, so we have time to visit and play. Love it.

Alex, Lawson and their two cutie boys moved to Utah at the end of June. Not fun. I knew we would miss them so much, so we spent lots of extra time with them while they still lived in Michigan. And I was right - Saying goodbye was hard. I am excited for them for their next adventure - Hopefully they will feel at home there soon and flourish.

And, Colin is going to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a missionary in Salt Lake City and needs to be there August 12. We are so dang excited for him! And we are trying to help him get everything ready to go, which is kind of tricky since he is still living in East Lansing until July 25. And remember, I will be gone from home the last week of July? Ugh.

So, not a lot of projects going on for the small house. but lots of living and loving is, that's for sure. I love that our home is where we work and serve and plan and create and dream. Where sometimes we say "welcome back" and other times "we are going to miss you so much". And where we get ready for new adventures. Our home, like your home, is where it's at - Big or small, just how you want it or a mess of home improvement projects, owned or rented - there is nothing quite like the place we call home.

with sweet baby Daxx 
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