Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Demo

Here is how I left our kitchen on Monday morning:

Before I left for work, I emptied out some of the cabinets. I then spent eight hours at work and came home to this:


Here is what happened during the day:

The room got quarantined.

The appliances got out of town.

Lots of axes got swung around by teenage boys. 

There was lots of sledge hammer action.

Cabinets and pieces were coaxed from their long time homes.

Lots of fun bouncing on the shelves.

Someone got to use this awesome saw.

Discoveries were made.

Lots of nastiness fell from the new giant holes in the ceiling.

Holy cow.

Giant holes were covered up.

And even the back yard got some attention.

Along the way, more history of our little home revealed itself. Here are just a few ways:


We actually discovered three different wallpapers with this project, which make a total of five different wallpapers for the kitchen.


Three different layers of floor here, but we know there was carpet at one time as well.

And the pipes.

Oh yuck. 

Remember when we got new plumbing? These pipes are not a whole lot better. We cleaned these babies out.

Things are moving along swimmingly!

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