Monday, April 15, 2013

I Know a Few of You Are Worried

Thanks for the great comments and compliments on our kitchen overhaul! It is so fun to share our craziness.

Some of you have asked us how we are cooking and washing dishes and stuff. 

Thanks for worrying about us  - But we doing just fine! 

By the end of the first week, Hero had the range, dish washer and fridge (with water and ice!) hooked up so we could get back to at least a somewhat functioning kitchen.

And he threw the old counters on for some temporary work space.

Which leaves an explanation about the sink.

Our previous sink was a double bowl stainless steel sink. It had one of the ugliest and useless faucets when we moved in, so we changed that out pretty quick, figuring that with the renovation, we could just change it out to the new sink.

Our new sink, that comes when the counter top is installed in a few weeks, is a single bowl. The actual footprint of the new sink is only a smidge smaller than the old sink's two bowls, so we are excited for all the roomy sink action in our future.

But that new one is still in the future. 


Hero took care of us, as usual.

Look at that!

We are totally set.

I'm not sure what Hero likes more - using cool steel cutting tools or making this work.

But see that jaggedy edge - Um, good thing we have an ER nurse in the family.

That is definitely not a good situation. 

But as usual (again), Hero is all over this:

Duct tape.

And it totally matches, like it was meant to be.

He covered those edges like none other and we are safe and looking good!

Once the water was hooked up, we discovered a little, tiny problem.

When the sink got booted outside during the demo, the water that was still in the faucet froze.

And broke our faucet.


But, as usual (seeing a trend here?), Hero was not about to leave us without water. First he tried attaching the sprayer head to the regular faucet.

A good look, but not successful.

A valiant effort, though.

Next he attached the faucet head to the sprayer - It totally worked!

He just used some more of that handy duct tape to keep it in place when the water was turned on - otherwise we would have that hose flopping all over spraying water everywhere.

Now we also are getting a new faucet. 

I don't think this set up is going to translate very well to the new sink.

See that open space to the left of the remaining sink bowl? 

That is right over our trash can. Kind of handy.

See how good we're doing here?

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