Thursday, March 28, 2013


So, we  bought a kitchen.

That sounds kind of funny, but it is so true, and we are so excited!

This is the fourth kitchen Hero and I have done. (Remember what I really mean when I say "Hero and I" or "we"? I usually mean "Hero".) But this is the first time we used IKEA, so there is the extra step of building the cabinets. No big deal.

Hero is talking to Lisa, an IKEA kitchen expert. She looked over our plan (that we did on IKEA's online program) and tweaked a few things. She said we had done a pretty good job, and that makes her job a lot easier. Anytime, Lisa.

While she was creating our order and pricing everything, she sent us to the accessories section for get everything else we would need. See, right now the IKEA kitchens are on sale. Everything you need for the kitchen is included in the sale (except floors and lighting). So we skipped over to the organizer section.

You know I skipped - that is my favorite part!

We have four regular size drawers, so we got four of these cool dividers. Easy to clean, easy to see everything. Unlike the situation we have at the moment:

I promise - I did not touch this drawer to take the photo. This is really it. Ugh.

We also picked out the handles and knobs. We checked out some kitchens while we were there to finalize our choice and we went with a classic black knob for our white cabinets. And we picked out some cool handles for the drawers. Wait till you see those.

The sale at IKEA is a pretty good one. If you spend a certain amount, you get 10% off. But if you spend at least the next amount (which I cannot remember), you get 20% off. Lisa asked us if we had everything we needed,  because we were thisclose to the 20% off deal. Um, okay. 

And we chose this:

We have a perfectly good dishwasher already that works swimmingly. The only problem with it was that it was white. We thought we could live with that. But when we get 20% off our whole order, we brought this beauty on board.

Lisa is good at her job.

But we saved a ton. 

And here is the kitchen in the garage.

Doesn't it look fabulous?

Maybe this view is better?

Since we have a major holiday in a few days and it is someone's birthday (Hero!) on the same day as the major holiday, we cannot rip out the kitchen quite yet. But we can start building in the garage. 

And this time we have helpers. Liam, Colin and Brenden are super excited to help demolish the old and build the new!

Oh yeah.

So excited - We bought a kitchen!

Just so you know - these photos were taken with my IPhone. And I edited them with Snapseed.

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