Friday, April 12, 2013

Here Is What Happened Next

Part of the fun of this particular kitchen project is actually building the cabinets. 

We are pretty darn excited about these IKEA cabinets, and they really were a piece of cake to put together.

No matter what these faces are telling you.

The living room became the crazy assembly and holding room for the cabinets. We had eleven cabinets to build, including a lower drawer unit, and a lazy Susan corner lower unit.

This is one of the shelves of the lazy Susan unit. Liam cursed this particular cabinet up and down. I think he may refuse to use this cabinet.

He even followed the directions - Or at least the little IKEA man drawings.

But he did prevail, and it works terrifically!

With 3+ layers of floor in this kitchen, there were about a million staples and nails that needed to be pulled out before the cabinets could be put in.

Not sure what Colin is thinking here, but probably something like, "I just looooove this super fun project that I somehow get sucked into."

That's what Liam is thinking.

And I'm pretty sure that is what Hero is thinking, too.

IKEA cabinets come to fit a perfect kitchen. We have a less than perfect kitchen.
Something about plumbing pipes we have to work around. I don't know.
Hero had to rig a few to make them work for us. He is so good at rigging.

See how nice our floor is going to look with these new cabinets?
Oh, wait, those are going, too. Just not quite yet.

This neat rack is installed first onto the wall, into studs, and then the cabinets are mounted onto that. It is really cool - makes it easy to just throw those things up there.


See that little box in the upper right corner of the upper cabinet over there by the window? Yep, another little creation by Hero. There is a pipe there (really?) that we had to install around. Hero made a little cover for it. I will paint that white and it will blend right in.

Hey Mr. Cabinet Man!

Oh boy - Look at how terrific this is looking! Even with so much more to do still, it looks so great.

Putting the doors on is like being practically finished, right?

We are so excited about this drawer base unit. It has the big drawers for all kinds of treasure.

I'm going to hide flour and sugar and such in there.

Look at that! Hero made this awesome trim to go to the ceiling to make the cabinets look built in, and to hide the patched ceiling leftover from the soffits. Wait till you see how the turn out!

Lunch break. It's hard having no kitchen, but we made it work.

Check out that all new cabinet area - All brand new storage for this kitchen.

And look what we did to it!

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