Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting Ready

We are getting so close!

We have big plans for this little kitchen. And it does not involve any wallpaper.

It has so much potential for being awesome, and we are going to get started on that awesomeness in the next few weeks. Yay!

Let's do a tour, shall we? 

Here is what we are working with. This is the working side of the kitchen. We had new lights installed recently and what a difference that made. 

I know this is not the worst kitchen ever. It is just so desperate for a new look and more efficiency. It was born in 1958, got a little update sometime in the 80s and has been pretty much stuck with the same hair style since. It is ready to move on from this mid-life crisis!

Rotating clock-wise, we have the back wall, with the big window I painted last year.

Hero built this awesome table for our family when all our kiddos were small. It is the best! It is actually a little too big for the spot, but we are going to make it work. We can easily fit 10 people at it. And we have had up to 13.

And turning just a smidge more, we are back at the opening to the living room and the edge of the working side. The opening is actually pretty good sized, but because there is a big hunking refrigerator in a very unfortunate spot, that is not evident right off the bat. But we have a plan for that.

And see the former "pantry"? Just waiting to paint the walls to make it completely disappear. And we have a fun project for that wall that includes windows and platters. You'll see.

In the current setup, the stove is smooshed up against the fridge. Not cool. We really only use the two burners on the right, because a right-handed cook cannot turn the pot handle all the way out. (FYI - our lefty cook has no problem :) So, with the door blocking and pot handle issues, that refrigerator has to go!

Ok, not to far. Just to the other side of the work area.

Over here. It looks tight over there with the door, but we have a plan for that, too. New door, opening the other direction. Still cozy, but a much better arrangement than the current one.

Let's just pause here to look at this photo. Notice the lack of ugly upper cabinet doors (same as the lowers), wallpaper above, rough walls where wallpaper was removed in between and so dated cabinet doors. Oh yes, we need some attention here please. 

We are replacing all the cabinets, removing the soffit above (along with the wallpaper) and adding some kind of cool back splash in between. The plan is to install extra tall cabinets on top to the ceiling (extra storage!) like these:
AKURUM fan cab/top cabinet to refrigerator, Lidingö white, birch Width: 29 7/8 " Depth: 12 7/8 " Height: 24 " Width: 76 cm Depth: 32.8 cm Height: 61.1 cm

There are a few little quirky touches that may or may not be obvious:

This cabinet has an extra special treat - A gas line for the fireplace downstairs runs right through it. Not super convenient for using that space at all. Hero has a plan to relocate that.

Great view of the lovely wallpaper.

And what's up with that crazy fake oak board in front of the light over the sink? That light fixture puts out about 10 watts of light and with the board blocking it, it's more of a night light than anything. That is hitting the highway as well.

I have to say it has been super handy having no cupboard doors - I'm tempted to put in a few open shelves. But Hero is not really on board with that, so we are going to use a few with glass doors. Not as handy, but can show off the cute dishes (unlike this current chaos).

We went back and forth with putting in a little island. Would be handy, but ultimately decided it was too tight, especially with any traffic from the back door. Instead this spot between the door and the window is going to get it's own cabinet situation. Totally looking forward to having that extra space.

The back door comes right into the kitchen, which wouldn't be my first choice, but it is what it is. We are going to switch it out with a half window door, opening on the right, so it should work and feel a lot better.

Here is the cool plan view of our little kitchen with the updates. It totally makes it feel official!

We are so close!

And then there is this.

There really is not much to say about this ceiling fan and light - except that it's functional.

It has been good to live with this kitchen for a while so we are pretty sure of what we would like to have happen in the remodel. That's what I keep telling myself.

Colin and Liam are looking forward to helping with the demolition ("Can we use a hatchet? Can we use the ax?") I have a feeling the removal will go pretty quick.

Good thing - 'Cause we are ready.

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