Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Update on the Hole in the Wall

Happy New 2013!

During the holidays we had lots of time for relaxing and playing and seeing friends and family. Loved it. Sad to see it end - as usual.

We also worked on a few projects.

Remember the hole in the wall? Well, really it was a mini-pantry, way across the room from the working end of the kitchen in an awkward spot. It's hard to say that we will even miss the storage space, because we didn't really use it that well. But we will love the blank wall.

Here is where we left off -

Ready to fill in that hole!

Hero had some drywall pieces in the garage (of course) and filled that baby in. 

Then came the tape to seal the seam and then "mud". Not really mud - it's drywall joint compound. But all the pros call it "mudding." And we like to pretend we are pros.

But, we are not.

Something went not quite right. The tape stuck out way too much and we knew no amount of sanding would get these seams flat and smooth.

So off came the tape.

Fortunately it came right off. 

Came off in long satisfying strips, just like the wallpaper.

Smoothing the remaining mud was a piece of cake, especially for me. Good job, Hero!

Look how nice and smooth that is. I have to remind myself that it is super important to get these seams really, really smooth before painting. Really. I can be a little impatient about things like this - I want to get to the fun part.

Luckily Hero and I balance each other out - I am patient when he wants to rush through something and he is patient when I want to. 

And there is no one when we both want to plow through. It happens.

Here is where we really need to be patient. This seam at the top is pretty wide. If we just slapped a bunch of mud in there it would crack all over town while it dried. And that would never be smooth and flat.

So, we do lots of little layers and let them dry completely between each one.


Looking good, right?

Soon, very soon, it will be paint-able.


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