Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kitchen Window

This project was one of those kind of projects.

The kind that you know will bring fabulous results, but for one reason or another it falls farther down the list. And then something happens to move it to the top.

This is window in our eat-in kitchen. It is a great, big Andersen window that probably cost more than all the other windows in our little house combined. It is solid - we totally walk on it as needed (usually there is a table in there.)

But there were two big problems with it. 

First, the faux-wood blinds. When they were extended all the way down, they did not cover the whole window. This is a west facing window, so we need that coverage for at least a few hours everyday during the hot months. And when they were cinched all the way up, they hid about 10 inches of the window.

Um. Who's idea was that?

Oh, and the lovely sound these things choked out when raising them - worse than nails on a chalkboard, worse than a screeching kid, worse than opening up an ironing board.

You get the idea.

The second big problem was this -

We do not love the wood frame.

I know some love wood trim. We do not. Especially since the rest of the entire house has windows with white trim. (And all the doors and all the floor moldings. This space is not playing nice yet. But it will.)

Then we had a catastrophe.

The min-blind broke. Oh, this is sad. This is a problem. What will we do?


I got online immediately to order new roller shades (the same ones that we got for the bedrooms) and got to work getting those blinds out of our house. Trust me when I tell you that the window looked better already.

I got the Kilz out and got that window covered in glorious white. With just one coat of primer that was streaky and flat, I am sure that even all the neighbors could here the angels singing. It looked that good.

Holy cow! It is wonderful! It even makes the back yard look better. And it feels like the outside is coming in. 

So, so great.

And see those fancy stripes on our shades? (Which, by the way, do go all the way down.) They did not come that way. That is my doing.

While I was out of town for a few days, the shades arrived to their new home. And Hero, being the hero that he is, put them right up to surprise me. 

But he did not realize I was not quite finished painting - Just needed to do a few touch ups, including right above the shades. 

Rats. I thought I was being so careful. 

But, I have a plan for them. 

It is on the list, not too far down. Hopefully it does not become one of those projects.


  1. That looks so nice! What a difference. Beautiful job.

  2. Wow! You have so much ingenuity! I love it!