Tuesday, October 9, 2012

summer to fall

It's a new season!

We have been in the small house since spring. And because of the warm weather since we have been here, it almost felt like we were visiting a vacation cottage all summer long. 

It has been great.

But as with all of our new homes in the past, the newness wears off and it starts to feel like home.

Sometimes it feels like we have been here for just a few weeks, and other times it feels like a few years.

It has been about 5 1/2 months.

And it has been warm the whole time. 

So as our little house starts feeling like or little home, the seasons change, and here it is autumn. I love this season!

One of the things I like about a new season is really the change. I am always ready for the next season, to make some new memories and remember all the good things from the past. I love traditions and classics, and I also love to see what is on the horizon. I love the cycle of the change of seasons - Regular and reliable, and yet new and full of promise.


... an opportunity to change things up at home.

Love the sea shells that are such a symbol of summer, vacation, relaxing and calm.

A pile in a lantern was enough for this little living room.

American flags are another summer thing I like to decorate with. The spirit of patriotism starts with Memorial Day (the unofficial beginning of summer), carries on through the Fourth of July and on to Labor Day. 

I just love them! 

Of course there is no wrong time to display the flag, but summer seems to be extra appropriate (that just might be me, though).

But as the days cool off, the kiddos are back in school (and me, too!), it is definitely time for pumpkins.

And other fun stuff.

I found this crow on clearance at Target a million years ago. He looks awesome up high, kind of creepily checking things out.

Hey notice that cool candle there? See that little tiny peek of blue where the candle sits into the holder? That would be sticky tack. I love that stuff! I use it for securing candles, picture frames on the wall that tend to lean to one side, hang birthday banners and stuff on the front door. Whenever there is a decorating dilemma that just needs a little something, sticky tack is the first thing I try. 

Another lantern filled with yummy smelling little pumpkin things. 

And these bottles had another life at one time. See the wire wrapped around the top? They both have that. And they both used to have cute little metal pumpkins hanging on them. They were super cute. But, after a million years with the same bottles, I decided it was time for a makeover. Found some great looking labels online, got the ModPodge out, nixed the cute little metal pumpkins and gave them a face lift.

See what I mean about classic and new? Classic bottles and new labels. It totally works for me.

I have had this terrific garland for a million years, too. It reminds me of mummy wrapping.

See where the flag used to be in that bucket to the left? Pop that out, add some dried leaves (faux) and call it done. 

And how cute are these little acorns? 

I know.

They are a new little treasure found on clearance last year. I love when I find something at the end of a season, pack it away for the next year, and then pull it out. Since I don't have any memories of decorating with them, it's like they are new again!

I love that our small house is feeling so much like home. Bringing out traditional treasures adds to that feeling by reminding us of where we've been, and helping us look to the future, no matter where we are.

Happy Autumn!

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