Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Look how cute this little box is!

I found it at a garage sale that a former teacher was having. This little prize was only a quarter.

It has a little chipped corner, but that kind of thing does not bother me.

(You just know this was going to end up in the desperate pile or the trash. I love rescuing little treasures like this and help them to feel loved.)

On all four sides it says "bellwork" in sharpie marker (very neatly). I asked my kiddos if they remember doing bell work, and they had no idea what I was talking about. I remember it as the work that you do when the first school bell rings in the morning. You would spend about 10  minutes quietly working on it while everyone got settled. 

Hero and I were just talking about how when we were in elementary school, we would put our "gym" shoes under our desk or tie them together and hang them on the back of our chairs. We used to wear "school" shoes and so had to keep appropriate shoes for gym class. 

Our kiddos never had to do that, either.

Good times.

Anyway, this one also has Mrs. Coates' name carved into it. That makes it even more special. I wonder if she was a mean teacher. I hope not.

But the box did need a little face lift. It it is going to have a new job and home, so it should get an updated look.

New paint does all kinds of wonders for all kinds of things. I got this awesome aged barn color. Love those description colors!

That paper plate has been recycled for at least three projects. And that brush? Every time I pull it out, I think, "I should pitch this. It is getting pretty nasty looking." But then I wash it out and toss it back in the box. 

Now it's like an old friend. And works like a charm.

That red is pretty snazzy, but I had a vision. I am really liking keeping things on the neutral side for this small house.

My dad and step mom found this awesome stamp set in an abandoned house years ago. I have used it for lots of other fun projects, including my new stair hook thing.

The new "Bellwork" box!

We needed a spot to organize the office supplies for the new office, and this box has assumed those duties to corral them.

And when I take anything out of it, I imagine a teacher (Mrs. Coates perhaps?) making sure everyone is working quietly.

And she is very nice.

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  1. Nice way to keep the personality of your vintage find while adapting it to your taste! Didn't bellwork encourage kids to be late so they wouldn't have to settle down and work? Wondering whether Mrs Coates used it for kids who had to stay after the last bell!