Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Better Living Room Before

My good friend Marie Riley sent me the link to the listing of our house when it was for sale.

(Marie became our good friend when she listed our big house and sold us the small house. We found her through good friends of ours and we would gladly share her with anyone else who needs an awesome Realtor.)

Here is the living room before in all it's glory:

Brown carpet - gone.
Vertical blinds - gone.
Dusty valance - gone.
Giant wood shelf - gone.
Drab beige walls - gone.

Freshly refinished hardwood floors and soft rug - here.
Soft curtains and sheers - here.
Personal gallery wall - here.
Crisp gray walls and white trim - here.

Plus a bunch of other great things that make it ours.

We love it.

So glad this before picture exists - Look how far we have come! Hard to believe it is the same room.

Little changes can make a big difference - Even a coat of paint can totally refresh a room.

Thanks Marie for the photo!

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