Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Let There Be (Cute) Light

In case you have never tried, light fixtures do not photograph well when they are turned on.

Just a little update on the light going downstairs. Here is what we started with:

Nice, huh? 

I am pretty sure this is an updated fixture. As in, an improvement from what was there before. If you use your imagination, you can see this being used in the seventies with a little success.

It did the job (sort of) of illuminating the stairs, but not very attractive at all. When painting, I was none too careful, cause I knew it was coming down.

And here is the $15 beauty from Lowe's. 

What a difference - and it is much brighter, too. 

Little things like a light fixture make a big difference. The area feels pretty complete now.

Well, except for the not so attractive flooring. That is a project in conjunction with the kitchen floor, which we will get to probably after the holidays.

To see the rest of the basement stairs revival, check here.

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