Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Living Room Reveal

Once the floors were done, after furniture was moved in (and around) and boxes were unpacked, it was time to get busy putting the living room together. 

It is much easier to live with the kitchen a wreck and a blue bathroom when you have at least one room that feels cozy and like home.

And it feels great to have something finished.

We took the best of the big house living room, moved some of it downstairs, updated a few pieces of furniture, moved a few things from other spaces and made this little living room our very own.

We started with the walls - Painting them Filtered Shade by Valspar (Lowe's). It is the perfect shade of warm gray - not bluish, not greenish, not purplish. The trim is painted Bistro White (also by Valspar). 

Eventually we will paint the kitchen the same color.

Hero made this fireplace for me several years back for Christmas. We never had a fireplace and I had always loved how homey they look. This little cutie has candles and Christmas string lights to give off that fireplace glow. In the big house, which had a fireplace in the great room, we used this in our bedroom. Feels good to share it again in the living room.

I love the gallery wall. I love how personal it makes the room. Anyone can have the couch or the table, but that is our family and our history up there.

Hero made that coffee table. It opens up to store stuff (like magazines) and the bins underneath hold a bunch of games. 

This photo was taken in the middle of the pillow recovering project. The green one on the left recently underwent a transformation here.

That little table on the right came from an estate sale a few years back for just $5. 

The trunk on the left came from a garage sale for $10.

New pillow! Makes a difference.

The trunk link above tells the story of the coffee table and the cabinet in front of the window, too. 

We have had a few comments about the white furniture. They are slip covers - just toss them in the wash. We have done it a few times and they come out awesome. 

Here is a close up of that little pillow on the chair. I ordered this fabric from, someplace new for me. It is great quality and pretty inexpensive. (Just saying.)

And here we are back around to this side of the room. 

Check out that office.

And that cute baby.

The rug came from Lowe's. We wanted something subtle and this one was made for the space.

We love our cute cozy living room!

For whatever reason, I do not have any official photos of the living room before it belonged to the Murphys. 

But I did capture this apparently very fun furniture assembly moment that Alex and Brenden had.

Check out those beige walls. Very not what we were going for. 

And see those brackets along the back wall? Those held a massive oak looking shelf, left for us by the previous owner. I think we did not get a picture of that because that was one of the first things to go.

We had a great time getting all this together and making this living room feel like home.


  1. Yikes I wasn't expecting pictures of me and B building that couch! The place looks great!

    1. Me neither! But that was a grand ol' time.