Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tiny Update in the Bathroom

Isn't it terrific how a little, tiny update can make such a big difference? 

I totally love that.

It means you can make a small investment in time and money and accomplish something that makes you feel good all over. Who wouldn't be on board with that?

I sometimes have little projects that I don't get to, for whatever reason, that sit on the list forever. Do you ever have that? Sometimes there is just no good explanation for stalling.

This is one of them.

Remember how we removed a bunch of yuck stuff we didn't like from our blue bathroom

We ended up with an open cubbie behind the door that once was hiding behind some very unattractive fake oak doors and molding. We covered it in white paint, tossed in a few cute baskets and a great wood box and called it done. 

For now. 

I mean then.

So although the basket on the bottom is cute, the contents - not so much. Not sure why it took so long to do something about it. Seriously, this is like a 30 minute project.

The bathroom cleaning products need to be there - obviously - but they are just not contributing to the look we are going for.

As I totally love that skirted look, I thought I could just pull it off again. I already had the fabric (meaning free!) and just needed to order a small curtain rod. Once that came, I got right to work measuring, ironing, cutting, sewing and fitting.

And things were going really, really well until the fitting part.


Ok, so maybe things were going really, really well until the measuring part. I just didn't know it until the fitting part.


It looks better than nothing, but I know it will look lots better with no gaps. 

Phase one of this little, tiny update is done. 

If I had measured right, this little, tiny update would have been big enough.

Be back with phase two soon.

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