Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Fun Thing In the Kitchen

I know you know that we are in love with the way our kitchen is coming together.

We went from this:

To this:

Yep - It is really getting there.

This kitchen just gets better and better each day. And not only because it is so much more functional and fabulous looking.

But because is feels good.

Can a room have a feeling? Sure. 

It can feel closed in, dark, cramped, disorganized - Not so good.

Or it can feel open, light and bright, orderly - Good.

Something else that makes a room feel good is who you share it with. And the kinds of things you do there.

We are choosing good.

See what we did?

It started with this:

And this sweet book:

And this terrific girl:

Lauren so graciously agreed to help me make these delicious treats for a good friend's family luncheon. She has made hundreds of these little french cookies. 

We had great time whipping these babies up.

Making macarons is surprisingly easy. Really. It is basically a type of meringue that is piped onto baking sheets, baked, cooled, then filled with a yummy filling.

The trick (and not that much of a trick) is once it is is whipped up that you don't handle it so much that you lose all the fluffiness you just whipped into the batter.

These are lemon. Yum.

Piping makes you feel like a pro.

These are chocolate. Yum again.

Once they are cooled fill them up with goodness - That is another name for filling.

See those blue ones? Blueberry cheesecake. Yum for a third time.

Holy cow. We had a pretty difficult time not eating all of them.

I love the fun things we do and the memories that we are creating in our little house. Of course, we made lots of awesome memories in our big house, too, but bigger does not always mean better. We are happy to find that we are just as fun and happy and comfortable and all kinds of good things in our cozy home as we were in the big house.

Next time we make macarons:

Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream filled!

Yum for the fourth time.

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