Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We Love the New Counters!

We are doing the happy dance here!

For the last four weeks, we have been using the old counter tops just plopped down on our lovely new cabinets.

We also had a rigged up half sink with the goofy faucet.

What we started with:

But just look what we have now!

We are in love. 

All that uninterrupted, no seams anywhere counter space.


Here is the hole for the new sink, which the installers brought with them. It looks tiny, but it's not. The sink that fits in here is one big bowl and is bigger than one side of the double bowl sink, so it will be super functional 

And look at this little treat they brought - A granite Lazy Susan from the leftover pieces of our counter.

It spins.

Actually not sure what to do with that yet.

Holy cow, that looks awesome!

Even our new little counter to the left of the back door is sporting the new look.

Next up will be getting the back splash installed. Then the floors. Then replace the back door.

But we are just so excited and grateful for the stage we are at now. 


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  1. Where did you get your counter top? Is it granite?