Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random Kitchen Stuff

We are still working on this kitchen of ours, and next week we should have some photos and something to say about our back splash. 

We've been working on a few non-kitchen things now that a big part of it is functioning pretty darn good, but we are still plugging away at the little things. It might be a few months before we can say "All done!" - Scout camps, band camps, driver's ed and a few other expenses need to be taken care of first. 

But it's all good - We love what we have done so far!

I thought I would share a little more of what went on around here during the marathon week of getting this kitchen on it's way to fabulous.

One of the things we did was paint the floor.

Oh, wait. No we didn't. 

We painted trim.

We painted the ceiling.

We painted walls.

We painted edges.

We took relaxing paint breaks on the ladder.

We pulled about 735,022 nails and staples out of a very small area of the floor. That will happen when there are 3 layers of old floor to pull up.

We tried different techniques at staple and nail removal. Colin demonstrates the pulling out with your bare hands method.

 Liam shows off the cutting method.

Brenden working hard at the prying method.

See how much joy and happiness comes from ridding an old floor of staples and nails? You should try it sometime. If you want, I can let you know when we get on the rest of the floor - There should be enough for everyone to share!

We installed this awesome new light for over the table. 

How it looks off.

And on.

Tricky stuff going on here.

Speaking of tricky, we squeezed a kitchen appliance into a space that was too small for it. This box contained our new dishwasher. See the space behind it? Next to the fridge? The dishwasher has to fit in that spot.

A closer look. No way that was going to fit in that little, tiny space.

It must be an optical illusion. Really - That is the exact size space. Crazy.

We are getting closer to "done", but sometimes those little projects can take sooooo long to finish up. We are determined to not have this linger for the next several years in an "almost done" state. But there are lots of little projects 

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