Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another Super-fun Project

Look what else we have been up to!

Hero and I bought 14 ten foot long quarter round molding for the hardwood floors - Finally!

Remember we re-did the floors way back in April before we even moved in to our small house? Eight months later we got on the moldings that edge them.

We are very pleased with the way the floors turned out - Very easy to maintain that good look, too. But you can see what the edges look like - not so terrific. 

And when we swept, all the little dust bunnies hung on to those edges for dear life.

Time to get on it!

First up - painting.

The ping pong table in the basement is the perfect work table for this project. 

That protection is an old vinyl table cloth that we have had for a million years. There are paint splatters on that from so many other fun projects. It's like a scrapbook of projects - Oh the memories.

And taking a little break to get them dry. I had to bring a few fans in to help speed things along - Hero was waiting in the wings with his measuring tape, saw and nail gun.

Moldings on the perimeters on each room in the house meant everything scoots to the middle. 

Here's a great idea - Let's tackle this project during the holidays when we have a 7 1/2' Christmas tree in the living room!

We can just slide the molding right under there, like a gift. Nifty.

Colin's room.

And Liam's room.

The way the boys typically keep their rooms does not look too different from this.

Here is a good look at the hallway edge before:

See what I mean about squeezing in to get these moldings in? This would have been much easier in an empty house.

But not as many acrobats.

Hero nailing a piece in behind Liam's bed.

We got quite the workout installing these - all kinds of stretching and reaching going on.

And crouching.

What a difference!

And this is before filling the gaps and touch up painting.

Filling the gaps is a piece of cake! And it makes the job look like a pro was on it. Caulk is your friend for this task. Just put a little on your finger and smooth over the gap. And then paint.

For the skinny horizontal gaps between the existing molding and the new molding, I didn't even bother with the caulk. Paint fills those in nicely.

Hanging out under the table and behind the couch. Just painting. And shimmying along on my hands and knees in about eight inches of space.

Look at this lovely corner!

Remember this long expanse of dust bunny hangout?

Check it out now! What a big difference and so much easier to sweep the edges.

See the corner on the lower right there? That is turning the corner going into the kitchen. Ugh. But we'll be getting on that soon.

Oh - I could admire those moldings all day. Ok, not really, but seriously - What an improvement! The floors are finally finished finished. Love getting projects like this wrapped up.


  1. Looks great! We're working on resurfacing our wood floors right now. Literally. You're right that it's easier when things aren't moved in;)

    1. I saw that on facebook - Your kitchen is looking terrific!

  2. Wow.... you inspire me. You are AMAZING Teresa. Seriously. This is one of your talents. I could never EVER in a million years... rip out the floors, put a new one in, paint and do all that jazz. I'm shaking my head in disbelief. I am just baffled. You're amazing. What more can I say?
    I guess I can think of one more thing... I LOVE IT!