Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kitchen Lights

We have new lights in the kitchen! Aren't they lovely?

(Please don't be distracted by the floral wall paper that used to go all the way around the kitchen but I could not stand it anymore and pulled most of it off. This was left because that part of the wall in going to be gone.)

But, back to the lights.

They may not look like much, but that is kind of the point. They are just ordinary, recessed lights from Lowe's that nobody should notice. 

But since you are looking, aren't they great?

We had one pretty lame light fixture on the working side of the kitchen - See it there in the upper left corner?  The one with no shade? 

(I had to replace the light bulb and could not bring myself to put the shade back on. Trust me when I say this looks a million times better.)

Any-who, that was the light we had. 

Hero holds the box for the stuff falling out of the ceiling as the electrician cuts the holes for the new lights.

There is a small light over the sink, but it's pretty useless. We'll get on that one when we bust out that soffit above the cabinets. 
FOTO Pendant lamp IKEA Gives a directed light. Good for lighting dining tables or a bar area.

We are thinking about this cutie pendant light from IKEA for sink lighting.

See what lurks in the ceiling? Insulation. That's a good thing in the ceiling. Not all over the kitchen.

All the goodies from Lowe's to make our kitchen nice and bright. 

All over the kitchen table.

That's okay. Our electrician is awesome and when he was finished, this was nice and clean.

Midway. Four holes with wires from the box ready to go!

Since we took the doors off the upper kitchen cabinets, Hero duck taped a towel over the food cupboard. 

What a smarty!

This was the old switch. (Normally it was on the wall correctly.) This switch with the ancient wiring was disconnected and the new switches moved to a much better location. And now there are two switches - with dimmers - for lots of flexibility in brightness.

And here they are in all their glory. 

Note the little round cover in the center. That will be dry walled when we have more dry walling to do.

What a difference these lights make - In all there nondescript blending-in-ness.

We just love them.

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