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I thought I would share with you this super quick little project I did around the holidays - I know - A little late. 

Okay, a lot late. Really, Christmas decorations in March?

 But it was super cute, and I think maybe this could jump start some clever ideas of your own.

I am not doing a photo tutorial here - anyone can figure this one out.

I used a star paper punch (these stars are about 1 inch) on vellum paper, which you can totally get both at Hobby Lobby or Michael's or wherever. 

All these stars came off one sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

Once they were punched out, I used clear thread to string them up. I just used a little tiny piece of tape to hold them in place. Super easy.

And taped them to the ceiling around the light. 

One thing to be careful about - those stings may want to tangle with each other. You just have to keep an eye on them.

I chose to use vellum so they would be a little lighter and airier, but you could totally do something bold, or with a pattern.

And speaking of being creative, how about hearts? Or butterflies? Or shamrocks! (Dang - just a day late for that holiday, too.)

There are fun punches in all kinds of shapes - swirls, bunnies, flowers, star bursts, pumpkins, trees - even circles could be cute in some great colors. You could make these for just about any event.

Birthday party? Multi-color and multi-pattern circles. Or flowers. Or swirls.

Fourth of July? Stars and or star bursts in red, white and blue.

Thanksgiving? Warm autumn color pumpkins. Or circles.

Hot date at home? Hearts, of course. Any color works for that.

And who says they have to hang straight down? You could for sure make a bunting like this:

Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

How cute is that?

Bring on the creativity! This is a super easy but effective project that doesn't take a ton of time, and anyone can do it. It would be great for a family activity, too, if you want a bunch of it.

And did I mention how neat it was when the heat came on? Just a little flutter going on.

Here's how they looked at night. So fun!

If you make your own, send me a photo - I would love to see what you come up with!

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