Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Alex and I worked on a Pinterest project recently. We have been challenging ourselves to create something - anything! - we have pinned but never really got back to. 

We both have hundreds of them. 

She had these pinned and was really, really wanting to get on this:

So cute, right?

I totally wanted to make some, too, but I just didn't have a need or place for them. 


So I helped Alex with hers. (We worked on two projects that night. I'll show you the other one next time.)

Alex found her perfect jars at Target and we picked up these sticky foam letters from Hobby Lobby.

The instructions are pretty straight forward - five easy steps - stick the letters on, tape off what you don't want painted (we used painter's tape and plastic wrap), spray (using paint with primer), let it dry, pull off the tape, plastic and the letters, and bam - You have adorable jars.

Let's see how that worked out.

1. Stick the letters on - Super easy. It helps to not be too perfect with these, otherwise it will make you crazy.

Embrace the charming look.

2. Tape. So easy. Didn't even take a photo. 

3. And spray using paint with primer. 

Alex wanted black, so that was easy to find. She is a champ at getting nice, light even coats.

4. And letting them dry in between coats.

They look kind of cool like this, too, don't you think?

5. This is where the magic seems to happen. Nice straight lines - So lovely.

And pop off the letters. Surprisingly enough, they came off pretty darn easy. We thought for sure they were going to leave a sticky gooey mess.

Look at that!

So dang cute.

A great collection of fun, charming jars for the essentials. Alex is going to just love using these - She'll smile every time she bakes and sees her handy, creative work.

And she did.

For about 1 day.

And then this happened:

Hey, um, what the heck?

So, apparently, this didn't work out so well for something that gets used. 

The paint just flaked right off. It also rubbed off when it got touched or looked at. 

So, what next?

Scrape all the paint off.


Fortunately, un-painting is just about as easy as painting, with less prep work.

If you ever need to scrape paint off glass, use a razor. Trust me when I tell you steel wool and plastic scrapers don't work nearly as well. Razors took that paint off like nobody's business.

And then Alex ended up with these super cute jars:

With no idea what is in them.

Fortunately, Pinterest has lots of genius ideas to offer up for other labeling options. I'll let you know what we try next.
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