Tuesday, November 11, 2014



I know it's been a few weeks. 

People ask me what we are working on around the house, and all I can say is "just some little stuff." Nothing spectacular. Nothing Pin-worthy. Just little stuff.

But here is something so fun, you are going to want to try it, too.

You know how sometimes you just look at something and think, "Alright. Today is the day I am getting that done. No more putting it off!" That happened with my plates and bowls recently.

I love my white dishes. I got them for my birthday a million years ago and I still love them (and have most of them). Before we moved to the big house they were always white. That's because we got our first dish washer (automatic that is) with the  big house. The dishes always stayed nice and white and I didn't even know how great that was.

Until we stopped buffing them every day.

Now that they get a bath in sauna, aka the dish washer (and have for the last several years) they tend to look a little haggard. Which is too bad, because you would think spending that much time in a spa, they would look fabulous.

Anyway, the problem is our silverware. 

We use real silver (coated) ware every day. I don't like the idea of saving all the good stuff for special days. I love our silverware. (Remember I showed you how to polish that up super easy?) That is what we use all the time.

And that is what is causing the grief to our plates and bowls:

A stack of white dishes that look like we beat them with chains, without the dings and cracks.

This one is actually one of the better ones.

They get a little bit worse with each scrape of a fork. And the deep cleansing spa treatment does not do a thing for them. 

Time to exfoliate again.

And I found a super easy way to get them looking sparkly:

Baking soda.

Really, I just sprinkled a small pile (really - the stuff is so cheap. Be generous.) Used a wet scrubby sponge (one that does not scratch. Mine are purple ones I find at Target.) Scrubbed around and around front and back (how does the back get so icky?) And rinsed.

Like brand new!

Seriously, another one of those projects that are soooo motivating. The reward is instant - It ended up being fun. 

And I was looking around the house for more white dishes to scrub to whiteness.

What the heck? Why did I wait so long to get on that?

This was such a great "little stuff" project. What little stuffs are on your project list?

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