Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Holy cow - How is it Thanksgiving next week? 

I love this time of year. As much as I like to scale back, I still like to make our home more festive when necessary. Like for holidays.

I wanted to make a simple Thanksgiving decoration this year. I also wanted to use glitter. So glad they both came together in this fun little project.

I love this website - Jones Design Company - She is so clever and creative. I just love her artwork - So inspiring.

Here is a fun diy for Thanksgiving (or anytime really. - just pick a different word) I found on her website.

I printed the letters out and had to transfer them to card stock. (Not sure why my printer will not print on card stock.) After I cut them out (at a fun ladies get together to work on project stuff) I was ready to get them all sparkly.

Only the best in supplies - a broken Aldi can box. But it totally worked fine. And I'm sure the recycle guys thought it was pretty fancy all glittery.

I sprayed the letters one at a time with awesome spray glue. I really strongly suggest wearing gloves for this. This stuff is sticky. But it's supposed to be, so not complaining. Just saying - wear gloves.

And then the hard part - sprinkle the glitter on the letter. Lay it on thick and then shake it off.

Piece of cake.

Love projects like this that are super easy and super cute.

All of them cut, glued and sparkled. And ready to be strung. 

We have a giant roll of string. A really huge roll. So I use it for everything I can. 

I just taped the string on the back of each letter to make it stay in place. (You can see how difficult this project is.)

To make it fancier, you could use pretty ribbon to glam it up.

It's hard to tell in a photo, but the light makes them sparkle just a little. I like the simpleness of it, with just a little bit of something special.

Yeah, the photo really doesn't do anything for it. Trust me, it's nice.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, spending time with those you love and making great memories.

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