Thursday, September 18, 2014


Here is where we left off on the saddest, most unfortunate looking tree in the neighborhood:

A four foot stump.

It is an improvement (understatement), but I'm sure all this guy's tree friends are still making fun of him. The squirrels and the birds have abandoned him (not his fault), but we have big plans for this former tree - A tree fort!

The missionaries from our church came over to help Hero get this thing up quick. While missionaries main purpose is sharing the good news of the gospel, they can take advantage of opportunities to help and serve where needed.

I think they were thrilled to come over and build a tree fort - What boy wouldn't love this? Or any girl, for that matter.

Here is how I think Hero made this tree fort happen - 

1. Dreams up some crazy dream like building a mansion out in the back yard on the tree stump. It could have stairs and pulleys and running water, with balconies and secret passages and a satellite system.

2, He reigns that dream in just a touch.

3. Makes a trip to Lowe's "to get some ideas". Comes home with real windows.

4. Combs Pinterest to come up with a fort that is in the budget and doable in a few days.

5. Back to Lowe's for supplies.

6. Grabs the missionaries and puts them to work. They don't have any written out plans, just Hero measuring and cutting and handing things off to be put together.

7. Back to Lowe's for more supplies.

8. Tries a few things, tweaks a few things and nails a few things.

9. It comes together.

10. And he makes it look so simple.

11. Relaxes a bit. Liam gets in on the relaxing part.


(Liam is laying on the hammock pole. It will connect to the tree trunk on the other end.)

I painted this thing up while Hero took a break and went to work. 

So dang cute!

And the grandkiddos love it! Well, only Jett has any awareness of it, but he loves it! He likes to take snacks out there, and toy cars out there and sometimes he just sits out there.

Got a cute little table and chairs set from IKEA to finish it up. 

Now they can dream all kinds of stuff up out there - That they are in a mansion with pulleys and a satellite system.


And after:

All the neighborhood trees wish they were as cool.

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