Tuesday, September 30, 2014

finishing the kitchen door

Our kitchen feels like a new place with this door.

 That is quite a statement after all that has been done to this room!

From this view, it looks like we are pretty much done here, right?

Not so much.

When the moldings came off, some of the layers of wall and paint came with it. 


Those things have probably been there for 40 years - or at least since the last wallpapering job. Yes, we found wallpaper under the trim. Surprise, surprise.

Hero put the trim back up temporarily until we could get the rest of the job done. Seems like extra work to put them up just to take them down again, but he only tacked them up there easy, no  big deal.

This wall never got done. Remember how we finished the rest of the back splash? We knew we were going to get that door (someday) and we wanted to wait until that was installed to cut the paneling and trim to the right size. 

(It didn't look the very worst because we painted the wall to sort of look like it was what we wanted. The problem with that trick is that you may take FOREVER to get back to it.)

But now that we were ready for one project, we could finally finish the other. Yay!

Much better. 


And the wall is all patched up.

Much better.

I am the trim painter in our house.

Painting trim makes the whole project come together swimmingly. 

Of course it is usually the last thing you do, but there is nothing like pulling the tape off to reveal the freshly painted results.

Much better.

Finishing up a project like this feels so terrific! 

Finally getting it off the list, finally seeing how your vision becomes a reality, and finally enjoying the full results of your work is the best!

So many times I hear of people finishing up un-dones just before selling a house (and honestly, we have done that, too) But don't! Get on them so you can love the result.

Much better.

See that little spot just above the left corner of the window?

It's a bell.

It's from my mom. It makes the best little (meaning not obnoxious) jingle.

I've always wanted a bell on the door. Hero made a little bracket to hang it up. He does things like that for me. Love that man.

I Finally hung that picture up, too.

It is so special to us. Hero's dad found this for me years ago at a flea market. I'm sure he thought it was junk, but he knew I would love it. 

And I do.

It's a concept drawing of some kind of factory.

And it's called "MURPHY & CO."

(Sorry - Hard to take a photo of it.)

I love how the changes and updates we have made make this place feel much more like home.

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