Friday, September 27, 2013

Stairs Again

We have had some amazing weather lately, which makes it kind of hard to get too busy working in the basement. 

But these stairs needed some serious help.

Hero jumped up to help me figure out how this project was going to roll and it looked tackle-able to us.

Or at least to me. I think I might be on my own with this one for awhile.

We started here:

And look at that! Now we are here:

So, no photos of the unveiling. I had a kiddo that needed a project (in trade for all we do for him) and I came home one day and it was done. He was actually disappointed that it only took him about an hour - He thought it was very rewarding. Um - I understand that concept, I just did not realize he did. I'll have to be sure to take advantage of this new discovery in the future.

The two layers of linoleum came right off, but of course the bottom layer was glued down. And left splotches.

Kind of looks like an abstract cow mural or something:

And a little closer:

Okay - Plan A is to try the "soak with hot water and scrape the residue off" plan. I was warned that it would take several soakings and scraping to get it all off. But after the first soaking and scraping, I was so done.

This photo makes it look like we were actually getting something accomplished here. And perhaps there was a little progress. But believe me when I say "a little". 

This is so not happening.

Plan B - Sand it off. 

Hero jumped up to help me here when I assured him it would be "just one step, to see how it works out". 

Icky steps to strip? Check.

Heavy duty sander? Check.

Shop-vac cranked up and ready to keep the dust under control? Check.

Faux-Crocks? Check.

Making amazing progress? Nope.

And Plan C - vacuum each step and call it a day.

And think about Plan D outside in the great autumn weather.

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