Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Little Charm

First off, let me just say - I cannot figure out why a few of these photos are sideways. I have tried and tried to get them going the right direction.

Anyway - 

Now that most of the big projects in the kitchen are behind us, we have been getting on some other stuff - like band camp and driver's ed for Liam, cross country meets for Colin, a mini vacation to Traverse City (love!) and trying to keep ahead of the garden. And a few little projects that would easily be left behind if we didn't make the effort to get on them.

I love the little things in decorating that make a space special. Ever been in a model home? They look a little sterile sometimes because there just isn't much personality to the furnishings, artwork or accessories. But it really doesn't take much to make your home feel like your own. 

The best way to get on that is use stuff you love or has a special meaning to you. If you love it, it will most likely work with what you are already have going on. Really. Give it a try.

I came across this cutie little book cover among the things I got from my mom's house. (I promise, the cover was already detached from the book.) I just love its quirky design and that it belonged to my family somehow.

Check out the copyright on this - 1915. So cool.

I grabbed up a frame from IKEA that was a little bit interesting, but not so much that it would overwhelm the art. 

And got out my Sesame Street sheets.

I use pretty fancy drop cloths, right?

I knew I wanted the frame to be dark, like the dark ink on the cover - which by the way is not black but a very awesome dark blue called Payne's Gray (One of my very favorite colors). But I was hoping to add a little interest to the frame by having some layers of color show through.

So I started with a creamy color and then an icy blue-greenish color. Looks kind of fun.

And the first coat of Payne's Gray. 

In my mind this looked a lot better.

But the Sesame Street sheet is looking good.

This could really be a good look for something, but not what I had in mind this time.

So I painted it again and covered up most of that creamy, blueish-greenish color. But that's okay. When you get up close, it is like a little surprise, without being overwhelming.

And the perfect little spot for it - in the very non-1915 kitchen. But that kind of variety can work pretty good. That is what makes a space more personal.

That handy yellow stool in action.

I love the kitchen, I love the stool and I love the cook book cover. For me, they all work together.

And the finished look. 

I am trying to keep things to more of a minimum so that things stay special. Believe me I can get carried away with cool stuff on every wall and on every surface - I just like so many things! 

Have you found any great treasures lately? Did you have to change the plan after the first try didn't work out so well? Are you charming up your space? Let me know!

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