Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It's funny how you can put together a room with all kinds of charm and character, to make it feel all you and your family and fall in love with what you've created. You love it and love looking at it and love being in that room. You never want to change anything.

Except, maybe someday you do. If you are anything like me, that happens on a regular basis. I usually still like what I've got going on - it just might be time to perk things up a bit.

Or sometimes, it is time to do an overhaul. I've been there, too.

It's been three (!) years since we ditched the big house and embraced the downsize. So, I was really ready to make a few little, inexpensive changes 

So, pillows are the way to go this time.

We have lots and lots of neutrals going on in our house, and I just love it. But I am a little tiny bit ready to bring in a smidge of color. Pillow cases are a great way to be a little adventurous without any huge commitment.

I found this awesome tutorial - Just what I was looking for. I've made pillow cases before, but I was ready to take it to the next level.

This tri-color cuff pillow case is just enough to be all like, "Yeah, I'm special, but not too showy". Not all pillow cases can get away with that kind of attitude.

Seriously, just follow the instructions on this one. I am the worst with figuring out these kind of projects with turns and strange "burrito methods" (go check the tutorial to see what I'm talking about on that one). But I followed the instructions step by step and it totally worked. Yay!

Oh my goodness. Piece of cake. And so good at looking special, without trying too hard. "No big deal. We're just pillow cases. Oh yeah, and we are tri-colored."

(But even in black and white, looking quite spiffy. I love the simple pattern)

Close-up. Looks so complicated, but it is so not. The tutorial tells you everything you need, including measurements for different size pillows.

Once I get another set done for our bed, I'll show you the whole look. 

I am really super happy about how these turned out. This is another kind of thing that really lends itself to variety (like these signs). Just by using different colors and or patterns, you can create a whole different vibe.

But the vibe will always be, "I'm special."

That's a good vibe.

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  1. I love these! I can't wait to try it.

  2. Thanks Anna - You will be a champ at these!