Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Remember this project? The one we started a million years ago? 

Well, it is now 96% done!

We had some touch up to take care of and painting the trim around the steps and a little bit of molding to add. This was the part of the project that took several weeks to finish up. I hate when that happens! But we just could not get to this sooner with so many people in the house, including a two year old.

But Alex, Lawson and Jett have their own place now, and it got wrapped up. 


I was excited to do something fun with these steps, too. I got some of that other stuff done and out of the way - touch-up and trim painting - Take my word for it. You'll see it at the end here.

My friend Ellen and I purchased this set of stencils a million years ago and have used them for so many great projects. I used them on a pillow, on the bathroom wall in one house and on a dining room wall and a bedroom wall in another house. Ellen has used them lots of times, too. Great investment. (If you want to borrow them, just let me know!)

I knew they would be just what I needed for the steps.

I measured. Really. Usually when it comes to this kind of stuff, I just eyeball it. But I knew I needed to be pretty accurate for these or they would look all wonky.

And sometimes I measure with stuff other than a ruler. Sometimes I use a rubber stamp. It happened to be the right height.

These stencils work in a two-part system. It's great because it is easy to line up and there are no gaps, especially in letters and numbers with cut-outs.

Started with the left side. Or the right side. It's hard to tell with an eight.

I have had this set of stencil brushes for a million years, too. They are great for texture painting, and, of course, for stenciling.

See how cool that looks? 

I'm not too worried about that little tiny spot of paint there in the upper curve. Gives it a little character.

Getting ready to do the right/left side. The way it works is that you line up what you have already done with the outline on the second stencil. Genius!

Finishing up the eight. That line under the number is on the stencil. I just line that one up with the one I drew using the rubber stamp as a guide. Peace of cake.

And it is done!

I am in love. A little bit of sass to make you smile.

I had planned to run these numbers up the middle of the steps, but Brenden suggested the side. What a great idea - Just different enough.

See all the trim painted and all those crisp lines? So glad to have those crossed off the list, too. Hero just needs to get some trim pieces at the top and we can call this whole project complete.

Having these stairs done is pretty motivating to get cracking on the rest of the basement. Sounds like a good cold weather project to me. Hopefully it won't take a million years to finish.

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