Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Happy February!

Hero and I were married on Valentine's Day a million years ago. This year we are celebrating our 27th Anniversary - Holy Cow! Time flies when you are having fun.

Because it is a pretty special day for us and I always like to change things up in decorating, I like to pull out a few things to celebrate.

I hung these little cutie hearts up at the big house a few years ago. They were awesome to watch fluttering when the heat came on.

Last year I made this fun pennant banner for Hero. 

And this little heart hangs from the mantel. Not a big deal.

I totally love vintage postcards. I have a few for most holidays. They are super easy to pop in somewhere and call the decorating done.

This artwork is awesome. Hero made this for me last year - I love it! It completely captures so many things I love about art - It's personal, it has text and numbers, it is clever, it makes a cool statement and it came from the heart. 

(This one is not "Valentine" art - it is "love it all year long" art. But the vintage Valentine tucked in the frame only comes out for a few weeks.)

It really doesn't take much to pull a few things out for the seasons and the holidays - This probably took about 20 minutes - and that included getting the box out from behind the Christmas decorations. 

Using things that are personal and important in decorating, even if it is just for a season, really goes a long way into making a house a home.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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